News from RC International

11/2/2012 1:47:50 PM

New warehouse in The Netherlands added to the site


10/16/2011 11:27:11 PM

Stock of buddy code projects is updated on a daily basis


8/15/2011 9:13:24 PM

It is now possible to filter on shipping weight on the buddy code page (swarm). Good to fill up your order to get to the maximum shipping weight for a certain amount of money.


4/26/2011 9:27:18 AM

Hobbyking Buddy Code functionality added (see menu item 'Swarm')


3/25/2011 2:48:20 PM

New site design


1/27/2011 4:39:45 PM

Search returned double values if a product was available in more than 1 catagory.


3/16/2011 4:39:31 PM

Lipo cell count selection to show only packs with the amount of cells you are looking for